Cicero Fellowship for Policy and Legislation


The Cicero Fellowship for Policy and Legislation offers an opportunity for enthusiastic, high-caliber law students and masters studies students (business administration, public policy, and public administration) to work with the Cicero Institute to craft innovative policy initiatives that foster the competition of ideas at the state and federal level. Because of its proximity to 8VC, a premier venture capital funds, the Cicero Institute has first-hand experience with how regulation can stifle innovation, and it seeks to implement unique, entrepreneurial solutions to confront these problems.

Cicero Fellows will take an active role in the legislative process by crafting inventive policy ideas and helping turn those ideas into effective legislation. Our aim is to apply the entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley to government by designing legal frameworks that allow the best ideas to emerge spontaneously and prove their worth.

The Cicero Institute is an exciting but disciplined environment. Our group approaches projects with entrepreneurial energy and has access to top leaders in the public and private sectors. We have a distinctive ability to accomplish policy reforms and broadcast our vision to an audience of millions. Every member is encouraged and expected to participate at the highest level.

In addition to a stipend of $1,500 a month, Cicero Fellows will be invited to attend networking events and company retreats. These events will give Cicero Fellows face-to-face access to the Cicero team and Joe Lonsdale, founder of 8VC and one of the leading entrepreneurs of his generation.


Applicants must be creative, intellectually versatile, and demonstrate very strong writing skills. They should exhibit good judgment, loyalty, and discretion. Cicero Fellows will be expected to commit 10 hours a week and join in a weekly all-hands meeting by telephone or video, as well as take periodic calls to discuss projects.

The Cicero Fellowship will be awarded on a single-semester basis, with the possibility of extension on a semester-by-semester basis if both parties agree. Final selections will be made after video interviews of the most qualified applicants.


Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. To apply, please submit a CV, cover letter, and writing sample to

About Joe Lonsdale:

Joe Lonsdale is the Founder and Chairman of the Cicero Institute. He is a partner at 8VC, a San Francisco-based venture capital firm which manages ~$3.5 billion. He was an early institutional investor in many notable companies including Wish, Oculus, Oscar, Illumio, Blend, RelateIQ, Joby Aviation, Guardant Health, and Synthego, and in 2016 and 2017 was the youngest member of the Forbes 100 Midas List, which uses LP data to rank venture capital investors globally.

Before starting his investment firm, Joe co-founded Palantir, a multi-billion dollar global software company known for its work in defense and other industries, as well as for providing the platform to run the COVID-19 common operating picture for key decision makers in over 35 countries. After Palantir, he founded and remains as Chairman of both Addepar, which has ~$2 trillion managed on its wealth management technology platform, and OpenGov, which modernizes various processes for over 2,000 municipalities and state agencies. More recently, he is also a founder of Affinity, Anduin, Epirus, Esper, and other mission-driven technology companies, which he continues to create out of 8VC Build with his team and network. Previously, Joe was an early executive at Clarium Capital, which he helped grow into a large global macro hedge fund. He also worked with PayPal while he attended Stanford.

Joe received a BS in Computer Science from Stanford in 2003. He often lectures and writes on entrepreneurship, technology, and public policy.

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