Healthcare Lead


We’re interested in hiring an individual to research, draft position pieces, and conduct government relations on healthcare policy.

The hire will have the opportunity to work closely with Joe Lonsdale and investors at 8VC, which is a top Silicon Valley venture capital fund. The hire will be surrounded by the country’s leading entrepreneurs and investors, who have unique perspectives on how industries work, how value is created, and where special interests dominate the public good.

The Cicero Institute is an exciting but extremely disciplined environment. Our group approaches policy problems with entrepreneurial energy and has access to a top network of leaders in the public and private sectors. We are positioned to accomplish policy reforms in a way that most policy organizations are not.

This job is a unique opportunity for a smart and hardworking person who passionately shares our values and wants to improve government and rewrite policy so that American entrepreneurs can improve broken industries and create prosperity for all.

The candidate should be creative, intellectually versatile, and possess extremely strong writing and communication skills. They should exhibit good judgment, loyalty, and discretion.


·      Develop original state and federal healthcare reform recommendations

·      Draft essays and whitepapers that will appear on our site and in other publications

·      Work with our design team to spin up websites on healthcare issues; work with our marketing team to build public support for our initiatives when appropriate

·      Work with our legal team to translate our reform proposals into legislation or regulation

·      Work closely with our contract lobbyists at the state level and possibly the federal level to advance bills and rules

·      Meet with legislators, agency staff, trade group organizations, and other healthcare policy experts to identify natural allies and build consensus around our policy proposals


·      Generative and original thinker capable of developing sui generis reforms that have not been described or evaluated in the conventional literature

·      Able to grasp the holistic view of our organization and independently assess how to most effectively advance our policy goals

·      Ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects simultaneously, comfortable asking for help or guidance immediately

·      Willingness to reply very quickly to emails and work flexible/irregular hours including some weekends

·      Excellent written and oral communication skills

·      Able to swiftly conduct research and synthesize findings

·      Strong organizational and project management skills for timely implementation of projects

·      Strong interpersonal skills/conversational ability


·      8+ years of experience working with state and federal healthcare agencies, experience working on healthcare policy in the context of a legislative office, or experience as a professional lobbyist for a healthcare interest is encouraged.




Austin, Texas


Joe Lonsdale is a partner at 8VC, a San Francisco-based venture capital fund. He was an early institutional investor in many notable companies including WishOculusIllumio, RelateIQZenReachColor Genomics, and Synthego and in 2016 and 2017 was the youngest member of the Forbes 100 Midas List.

Joe is a co-founder of Palantir, a multi-billion dollar global software company best known for its work in defense and finance. He was a founding partner at Formation 8, the precursor fund to 8VC, which manages over 1.5 billion USD and is one of the top performing private funds. Before that, he founded Addepar, a leading wealth management technology platform, OpenGov, and Affinity. Previously, Joe was an early executive at Clarium Capital, which he helped grow into a large global macro hedge fund. He also worked at PayPal while he was at Stanford.

Joe and his wife Tayler are active in a variety of philanthropic and mission-driven pursuits involving public policy and liberty, classical arts, and healthcare innovation. In addition to supporting various nonprofit organizations, Joe and Tayler are focused on harnessing the power of markets to create more opportunity for all parts of society.

Joe received a B.S. in Computer Science from Stanford in 2003. He often lectures and writes on entrepreneurship, technology and public policy.


Interested individuals can contact Whitney Munro at

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