Cicero Institute

Enabling entrepreneurs to solve America’s toughest civic problems

“I have always been of the opinion that unpopularity earned by doing what is right is not unpopularity at all but glory.”

– Marcus Tullius Cicero

Principles & Commitments

The Cicero Institute harnesses public-sector entrepreneurship to address America’s toughest social challenges.

Too often, our dynamic innovation economy fails to address the most pressing needs of our society. Entrepreneurs have made progress in many industries, but poor incentives and dense meshes of rules and restrictions have kept innovators from contributing to areas where disruption is needed most: healthcare, education, regulation, transportation, housing, and prisons. The systems governing these sectors are increasingly rigged and extractive, rewarding well-connected incumbents instead of projects that serve the American people.

The Cicero Institute aims to reverse this trend by removing barriers for innovation and spurring entrepreneurs to contribute to the public good. We partner with modern-day Ciceros: public-spirited policymakers who courageously oppose cronyism and special interests for the sake of the common good. Together, we design bipartisan policy frameworks that foster entrepreneurial innovation towards cheap, high-quality healthcare, students prepared for the workforce, intelligent, adaptive regulation, swift transportation, affordable housing, and decarceration efforts that keep America safe.

Our conviction is that America’s best days are yet ahead of her. To expand opportunity and prosperity for our countrymen we must rely not on administrative edicts, but on America’s most precious and powerful resource: the human ingenuity and hard work of its citizens. Our mission is to help public servants work with entrepreneurs to make this vision a reality.